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Who I Am

I am a qualified civil and commercial mediator,  accredited with both the internationally renowned London School of Mediation (LSM) and the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). I am also a qualified lawyer and have practised in both corporate and human rights law, in both the private and public sectors. My 10 years of working in managerial and advisory roles in an international environment has built on my strength and experience in workplace mediation.  I enjoy assisting individuals and teams in resolving conflict by working towards negotiated solutions and facilitating relationship-building processes.  I am based in London and The Hague and work internationally. 


Why Mediation Matters

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Conflict in organisations is inevitable. As individuals and groups we have common and conflicting goals, perceptions, objectives, values and backgrounds. Combined with the stress and uncertainty of a fast-changing world, conflict can become commonplace.

Conflict in itself isn’t a bad thing. Rather, it is our response to these differences that can be harmful and waste time and energy, both individually and organisationally.  The consequences of getting conflict wrong for both employees and the health of the organisation can be dire. Most of the time, conflict has an impact on:


  • Employee wellbeing – with significant impact on mental health, increased absences due to sickness and referrals to occupational health.


  • Team behaviour and productivity – the ability of a team to set goals and achieve these goals.


  • Direct costs to organisations – absence and time otherwise absorbed by staff and leadership in conflict results in: productivity costs (lost time); continuity costs (things that aren’t being done because people are distracted by conflict); emotional costs for those directly involved in conflict, but also HR professionals, leaders and managers.


Workplace mediation is a flexible, confidential intervention, in which a neutral person actively assists parties in working towards a negotiated agreement. It facilitates the restoration of constructive working relationships, while the parties remain fully in control of the decision and its terms.


Maintaining confidentiality is the core principle of every mediation.


I focus on gaining an in-depth understanding of the core concerns of all participants.


I am committed to serving all parties equally and with respect to the mediation process. 


I bring impartiality and independence to the process.

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