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Mediating Disputes

I provide mediation for parties where difficulties have become disputes, by helping parties to communicate better, to identify the main issues and to find mutually satisfying solutions. Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, flexible process which I tailor to the needs of the parties. Ultimately, the parties remain in control of developing the solution and its terms. In this way, mediation is a faster and more effective dispute resolution tool than more formal procedures for resolving conflicts.   Mediation not only resolves current problems but assists participants in developing ways to resolve future disputes.

Facilitating Difficult Conversations

Often, there is no one particular dispute, but a number of small incidents which may result in an ongoing feeling of conflict between parties or within a team. I help people to communicate more effectively, through facilitating difficult conversations and helping people to find better ways of working together. Often this is enough for the issues to be resolved before they become unmanageable or more entrenched and for constructive relationships to be restored.

Conflict-Wise Workshops

With the global pandemic, we are facing fundamental and unprecedented change. Organisationally, there are dramatic shifts in cultural norms and changes to the way organisations respond to this. Individually, we may be facing both personal and professional uncertainty. All of this change is a catalyst for conflict. Insecurity and vulnerability can often amplify workplace conflict over small incidents that would otherwise be forgotten or set aside.  I assist organisations to intercept conflict before it impacts individuals and the organisation, by providing bespoke, conflict-wise workshops. These support employees at every level to think about their own communication styles in a way that prevents conflict in the first place, including:

  • Raising awareness of the cause of disagreements.

  • How to have difficult conversations effectively and with confidence.

  • ​How to strengthen existing listening, empathy, communication and collaboration skills.

  • Providing a framework in which to better understand these skills. 



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